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You must also have a sound plan to manage your investment. We can help by describing strategies to acheive your goals. We develop yearly plans that list each media outlet--print or broadcast.
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Snaps Marketing & Events takes a strategic approach to the marketing of your company. We take pride in promoting your company through a multitude of different mediums to reach distinct target audiences. In today’s fast-paced electronic world, taking the time to figure out how best to reach your target audience affordably, becomes the primary focus. Many times the best way to reach and engage your prospective customer, can be found in events where you company is able to brand your messaging and make contacts and sales on-site. Ginger Potthast, the owner and President of Snaps Marketing & Events offers years of media and marketing expertise and works with each clients’ budget for long-term success.


“Ginger and Snaps Marketing & Events helped us completely rebrand our exhibit program. Our outreach and retention teams have been more effective since we began using Snaps for setup for our large events in Texas. Her creative and sourcing for our marketing items have been impressive.”
Angel Encinas-VP of Marketing for UnitedHealthcare
“Ginger expanded our vein practice into four markets over the years and helped us become the preferred provider in the Hispanic markets we serve.”
Dr. William P. Kalchoff, MD Vascular Surgeon
“Ginger Potthast knows her stuff. She is a genius.”
Dennis Miller, iMark Marketing